Harry’s Place reviews The Battle for British Islam

Why did extreme groups start to secure a foothold at the turn of the century? Paradoxically it may partly have been because ‘traditional ties of family and community were loosening, and individuals were becoming open to new ideas about their faith.’  But whereas some chose a liberal path, others were drawn to the certainties of Islamism. As Khan and McMahon’s narrative progresses, we encounter more and more (all too) familiar names – iERA, iENGAGE (later rebranded as MEND), Islam21C, CAGE and 5Pillars.

There’s a great deal for the opponents of extremism to deal with.  As well as the hate and intolerance, there’s the dishonesty.  MEND’s Sufyan Gulam Ismail’s claim that no one condemned the arson attack on a mosque in Muswell Hill and CAGE’s insistence that Jihadi John was harassed into radicalism are just two examples charted here.

To read the full review on Harry’s Place – click here.

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