“Cultivating a British Islam has never been more important” – Sunday Herald review of The Battle for British Islam

A central theme to this ideology is the notion that the West is at war with Islam and Islam is at war with the West; and that Muslims should strive to live in Dar al Islam, or the land of Islam, as opposed to Dar al Kufr, the land of disbelief of which Britain is allegedly part. There is no middle ground.

This extreme, anti-Western worldview is shared not only by violent extremist groups like Isis, but also by global political organisations such as like Hizb ut Tahrir (the “party of liberation”), whose UK branch reviles at the very notion of a British Islam. The idea of a reconciled British Muslim identity clashes with the binary Islamist worldview and the narrative of a caliphate.

To read the full article by Sara Khan – click here.

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